Uncommon Union (UU) Labs provides powerful tools, proven platforms, as well as custom development that leverage recent advances in artificial intelligence, IOT, cloud architecture, robotics, and more. UU Labs recognizes we are in the midst of profound technological change that is transforming e-commerce, manufacturing, and industrial supply. UU Labs provides the tools which will help businesses realize new opportunities, reinvent themselves, or simply operate with greater efficiency.


Paul is an entrepreneur, programmer, and artist who has designed, productized, and built multiple SaaS platforms. His vision for PULL.CITY emerged from recent work developing industrial supply and allocation systems serving companies including EcoLabs, Westinghouse, Praxair, Kato Engineering, and EverEve. Paul also operated an independent lab within TBA Global, a subsidiary of Live Nation, which productized flagship event management platforms used by Walmart, Google, and Monster. A pioneer of ad-tech, Paul was a founding member of an agency, IN2 (acquired by Monster 2000), that shaped SEM conventions. Paul is also an internationally exhibited video game artist whose projects have been shown at MoMa / PS1, Galerie Lambert, and Postmasters.


Marc Johnson  is a principal software engineer, architect, and manager with expertise in full-stack development, artificial intelligence, and distributed architecture implementation at scale. Marc has a Masters in Computer science from the University of Minnesota and attended Bethel University for his undergrad. Marc has contributed to several patents including cloud-based storage systems and artificial intelligence inventions. Marc has served as a founding partner at several startups, including UU Labs and he recently assisted startups including Code42, Rambl, and Evereve. During his five years at Cisco Systems, Marc’s team shipped software components for a new super-router: the largest and most complex engineering undertaking in Cisco’s history at the time. Previously, Marc pioneered wireless technology for MetroTrak LLC, worked as Project Leader for New Technologies at Target Corporation, and as a Software Engineer for ETA Supercomputer Systems.


Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown has pioneered integrated business and communications models which balance commercial tactics and meaningful community engagement. Most recently, she spearheaded the global campaign which was instrumental in the rise of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Immediately prior to PULL.CITY, she developed multiple technology-related projects with the Girl’s Afghan Robotics Team. She is also a co-producer of the Sundance award-winning and Oscar nominated film On Her Shoulders. Elizabeth began her career in branding by introducing leading international brands, like Sony Ericsson, into the North American market. Her agency experience combined with her community focus speaks to activists, policymakers, and businesses alike.

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